Wednesday, July 15, 2015

all things good

July 2015

Positive things in overcoming ms. I have found good teaching on the mind body connection. I am using these techniques, and finding it to be good. I will post more later.

I removed an age spot with frankincense oil. Now I look to oils first for everything. I signed up with young living essential oils. After much research. I feel these are the best. My number is 3044152, please remember to use my number.

I am using plexus x factor as my main vitamin. Sometimes I feel that I have done more harm than good. I have been taking everything that I read is good for ms. Now, instead of taking many vitamins, trying to get a complete plan, I'm just taking x factor.  Here's our plexus link look into it for better health, weight loss...

Thought for today, turn every negative statement into a positive thought and word.

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