Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Biotin studies for progressive ms

Most of you know, I don't wait years and years for ms studies. I had my jugular vein opened, stem cells, I even had calcium eap injected into my blood. So this seems easy. Taking high doses of pure biotin. Yesterday I ordered pure biotin, a smidgen measuring spoon and a jewelry scale. I'm continuing on plexus and eating for intestinal health. I recently surrendered all to God, including my health. Just after, I felt in my heart to start on biotin. I am anxiously awaiting my supplies. Good updates will follow. 9/5/15 the first few days on biotin were rough. I had tremendous stiffness. Unable to stand at all. I lowered my dose too 2 100mg a day. It seemed to help. I am taking it sublingually. I also started a b complex spray. 10/31/15 biotin was not for me- but it lead me to other b vitamins- mainly niacin

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