Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brain maker explains brain illness

And gives us hope. I feel that Brain Maker has given me the missing links to my health. Now, I can make changes and keep what's working. Brain maker is written by a neurologist. He is telling us how Brain issues are gut issues. This is different thinking and finally gives us hope. We can take charge of our intestinal health. You must read the book, but I can tell you some things I am doing. This explains to me why my plexus products help so many. Probio5 is the best antifungal probiotic I have ever found. I think everyone should be taking it. If you really want to start strong, order triplex. Here's my link www.Grady.myplexusproducts.com I've been drinking bentonite clay water 4 days a week. I eat fermented food with each dinner. I added yogurt to my breakfast. I have yogurt and blueberries as a snack before bed. I added dandelion greens to my lunch salad and drink dandelion tea. I try to be gluten, sugar and dairy free (except the yogurt) Intestinal health is improving. I'm expecting the rest to follow.

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