Niacin and more

Not medical advise, just something that is helping me. 10/10/15 B12 sublingual, B complex spray. With breakfast 5000 units of sublingual vit d with k 2 times a week or more, 1000mg Vit c, 300mg niacin. I built up slowly. 1200 mg calcium, 1 salmon oil, digestive enzymes, 100 mg thiamine. Lithium oronate,2 each morning. It calms my overactive mind. With lunch More Vit c, Niacinamide 500 mg. With dinner 200 mg niacin, More calcium, More c, Zinc, More thiamine Salmon oil, Digestive enzyme. 3 mg LDN before bed, 500 niacinamide. Don't forget to stretch

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